Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Announcing the Organ Challenge Winners!

The Harvard Medical and Dental School class of 2016 is pleased to announce the winners of The Organ Challenge! The talents of children and teenagers around the world came together to produce beautiful collaborations of science and art. We were so impressed with the enthusiasm, creativity, and brilliance demonstrated in all of the videos. Whether you're beginning your journey or you're about to enter your hardest year of medical school (like we are!), we hope you continue to find the exploration of science to be just as fun and rewarding!

K-2nd Grade
Winner: "Skin Song" by Kadena Elementary School, Okinawa, Japan

3rd-5th Grade
"The Brain Song" by Waddell Language Academy, Charlotte, North Carolina
"Digest It All" by Pacific Boychoir Academy, Oakland, California
"What Do the Eyes Do?" by Kadena Elementary School, Okinawa, Japan
"Yel-low - The Liver's Lament" by Naples Elementary, Naples, Idaho
"Touch It" by Naples Elementary, Naples, Idaho

Middle School
Winner: "That Muscle" by Athens Intermediate & Middles School, Athens, Alabama
Semi-Finalist: "The Stomach: Because I'm Hungry" by SAR Academy, New York, New York

High School
Winner: "Pumping" by Poolesville High School, Poolsesville, Maryland
"Give Ur a Liver" by Sir Francis Drake High School, San Anselmo, California
"The Kidney Song" by the Academy for Medical Science Technology, Hackensack, New Jersey
"Glucose" by the Philippine Science High School, Quezon City, Philippines