Submit a Video

The Challenge will be broken down into 4 categories: High School, Middle School, 3rd- 5th grade, and 2nd grade & below. The deadline for submission will be April 30th, and the winners will be announced in May. Videos will be submitted on YouTube, so please take care of waivers and parent permissions according to your school's policy. Email if you have any questions.

How to make a video for the Challenge:
  1. Pick an organ or organ system
  2. Make a video teaching us about the organ through song and dance. The video should focus on covering normal organ function and its role in the organ system. We encourage the inclusion of:
    • Disease conditions (ex. congenital heart defects or heart attacks alter the heart's ability to pump blood through the body) 
    • Preventive messages (ex. lungs work because the tissue contacts the air; if they are covered with tar, they cannot work as well)
  3. Upload your video on YouTube.
    • In the video title, include #OrganChallenge
    • In the video description, include the following text: "This video was made for the HMS/HSDM Organ Challenge. To see more videos, visit"
  4. Click Here to submit your video to the challenge.
  5. The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2014.
  6. Challenge winners will be announced in May 2014.
Rules for Submission
  1. The video should focus on one organ or organ system.
  2. Video must be between 1 to 5 minutes.
  3. The production must be a music video. The music used in the video can be original or a parody
  4. Have fun!!
Judging Criteria:
  1. Accuracy of lyrics
  2. Learning potential
  3. Creativity
Videos will NOT be judged based on cinematography, expensive costumes, etc. We made our video on a very low budget, and we would like to be clear from the beginning that we do not expect families or schools to use a lot of resources on this challenge. We encourage teachers and parents to be as involved with the making of the video as they would like to be, while keeping the focus of the challenge on the students' learning.