About the Challenge

The second year students of Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine invite teachers and students to participate in the first ever HMS Organ Challenge! In this challenge we are asking school-aged children to create a music video teaching us about an organ or organ system.

Some of you may be familiar with the pop sensation "What Does the Fox Say?" by Ylvis. Recently, our class created a music video countering Ylvis's inquiry about the animal kingdom with a more frequently asked question about the human body. "What Does the Spleen Do?"

Our class has been astounded by the popularity that this simple video has gained; in just five days it reached over 1 million views on YouTube! While the video itself is not exactly educational beyond a very basic level, it has inspired people to look up the answer to this question. In fact, Dr. Oz may even help answer "What Does the Spleen Do? in an upcoming episode!

We are elated that this video has encouraged people to learn more about the human body, and we want to build on this excitement by officially challenging school-aged children around the country to make a music video of their own explaining what an organ does! The challenge will be a fun opportunity for students to work together, do some research, and showcase their creativity!

At some point, a teacher showed us that learning about the human body could be fun! We hope that this challenge will be an opportunity to share our enthusiasm for learning about lungs, digestion, and neurology with students around the country. Whether through a class-wide science project or a final assignment in drama class, we hope that your school will consider joining us in the HMS Organ Challenge!

Want to spread the word? This letter contains all the information teachers need to know.

Click here for more information about the challenge rules and how to submit your video!